Accent on Ability
One can always understand that his ability can increase, because in the direction of an increase of ability is further understanding. Ability is dependent entirely upon a greater and better understanding of that field or area in which one cares to be more able.

If one depends for a long time upon others or the environment to do something about it, or depends upon force, he will fail. From his viewpoint the only one who can put more life, more understanding, more tolerance and more capability into the environment is himself, just by existing in a state of higher understanding. Without even being active in the field of auditing, just by being more capable, an individual could resolve for those around him many of their problems and difficulties.

The accent is on ability.

You can lean more about ability and understanding by reading What Is Scientology? It will show you the exact steps you need to take to reach heights of ability man has never attained before.
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