Accent on Ability
This is the grave into which so many philosophers walk. This is the coffin into which the mathematician, seeking by mathematics the secrets of the universe, eventually nails himself. But there is no reason why anyone should suffer simply because he looks at a few secrets. The test here is whether or not an individual possesses the power to be at his own determinism. If one can determine himself to be incomprehensible at will, he can of course, then, determine himself to be comprehensible again. But if he is obsessively, and without understanding, being determined into incomprehensibilities, then of course he is lost.

Thus we discover that the only trap into which life can fall is to do things without knowing it is doing them. Thus we get to a further delineation of the secret and we discover that the secret, or any secret, could exist only when life determined to face it without knowing and without understanding that it had so determined this action. The very best secret, then, would be something which made life also tend to forget that it was looking at a secret.

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