Accent on Ability
Where one has an effect-point which is an incomprehensible thing, and where one is occupying the cause-point, in order to get any communication through to the effect-point at all, it would be necessary for the one at cause-point to somehow or another reduce his understandingness down toward incomprehensibility.

The salesman knows this trick very well. He looks at his customer, recognizes his customer is interested in golf, and then pretends to be interested in golf himself in order to have the customer receive his sales talk. The salesman establishes points of agreement and potential duplication, and then proceeds into a communication. Thus searches after truth have often walked only into labyrinths of untruth—secrets—and have themselves become incomprehensible, with conclusions of incomprehensibility.

Thus we have the state of beingness of the philosophic textbooks of Earth. A wonderful example of this is Immanuel Kant, the Great Chinaman of Königsberg, whose German participial phrases and adverbial clauses, and whose entire reversal of opinion between his first and second book balks all our understanding as it has the understanding of philosophic students since the late eighteenth century. But the very fact that it is incomprehensible has made it endure, for life feels challenged by this thing which, pretending to be understanding, is yet an incomprehensibility.

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