Accent on Ability
Now let us look at this formula of communication and discover that we must have a duplication at effect of what emanates from cause. The classic example here is a telegram sent from New York City to San Francisco which says “I love you.” When it arrives in San Francisco the machinery of communication has perverted it so that it says “I loathe you.” This failure of duplication is looked upon as an error, and would cause considerable problems and trouble. It could not, then, be considered to be a very good communication. There was nothing wrong with the basic intention. There was nothing wrong with the attention which would be given the wire in San Francisco. The only thing that was wrong was a failure to duplicate at effect what emanated at cause.

Now if life is understanding it would find it very, very difficult to communicate with something which was nonunderstanding. In other words, life, faced with a nonunderstanding thing, would feel itself balked, for life, being understanding, could not then become nonunderstanding without assuming the role of being incomprehensible. Thus it is that the seeker after secrets, unless his way is carefully wended, is trapped into being a secret himself.

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