Accent on Ability
We call this triangle the ARC triangle. The precision definitions of these three items are as follows:

Communication is the interchange of ideas or particles between two points. More precisely, the definition of communication is: cause, distance, effect with intention and attention and a duplication at effect of what emanates from cause.

Reality is the degree of agreement reached by two ends of a communication line. In essence, it is the degree of duplication achieved between cause and effect. That which is real is real simply because it is agreed upon, and for no other reason.

Affinity is the relative distance and similarity of the two ends of a communication line. Affinity has in it a mass connotation. The word itself implies that the greatest affinity there could be would be the occupation of the same space, and this, by experiment, has become demonstrated. When things do not occupy the same space their affinity is delineated by the relative distance and the degree of duplication.

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