Accent on Ability
Affinity, reality and communication form an interdependent triangle. It is easily discovered on some inspection that one cannot communicate in the absence of reality and affinity. Further, one cannot have a reality with something with which he cannot communicate and for which he feels no affinity. And similarly, one has no affinity for something on which he has no reality and on which he cannot communicate. Even more narrowly, one does not have affinity for those things on which he has no reality and which he cannot communicate upon, and one has no reality on things which he has no affinity for and cannot communicate upon, and one cannot communicate upon things which have no reality to him and for which he has no affinity.

A graphic example of this would be anger. One becomes angry and what one says does not then communicate to the person at whom one might be angry. Even more crudely, the fastest way to go out of communication with a machine would be to cease to feel any affinity for it, and to refuse to have any reality upon it.

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